Built Environment

Modern office culture demands flexible, stimulating and attractive working environments.

The term ‘built environment’ refers to the human-made surroundings that provide the setting for human activity, ranging in scale from buildings, parks or green spaces to the towns and cities in which we live – including the necessary supporting infrastructures.

Using modular construction methods to create flexible office environments, with no restrictions on design or layout, can be delivered in up to half the time of traditional build.

With only 63% of projects delivered on time and only 49% delivered to budget using conventional build techniques, modular buildings can overcome these shortcomings and meet the major challenges of a growing organisation.

Using innovative Buildoffsite construction methods, Accio Consult & Construct deliver bespoke modular buildings both as temporary buildings or permanent structures to allow you to expand to meet your company’s changing needs.

Working with Accio Consult & Construct guarantees project certainty, via robust value management and rigorous project planning from the outset. With a reputation for delivering on time and on budget for some of the UK’s biggest property teams, you can be assured that your healthcare building program is in safe hands.

Our highly experienced team can provide everything from construction management services through to fully compliant turnkey solution for all types of buildings. Our project managers have extensive experience in delivering modern office environments and contemporary modular office buildings.

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